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Yaa’s Diary: Season Your Speech and Thoughts

Life presents us with the opportunity of meeting different people every single day of our lives. Some become our close friends, others become family, others become enemies and well, others just pass through.

I have come to realize that God brings people our way for various reasons; no matter who they are. It is however our duty to pause and ask ourselves some very important questions when we come into contact with new people.

“Why did she show up at this time of my life? Are there any things I am supposed to learn from him? Do I have a role to play in her life? Why does he behaves the way he does?…and the list of questions can go on and on.

I used to think judging others is when you meet someone and you begin to pass comments like “what kind of life are you living? You so need Jesus my brother! Or perhaps when you take a critical look at someone and conclude “ I cannot move around with people like this. I don’t know, but then there’s just something about him I don’t like.” Oops! Does it remind you of something?

Judging goes way beyond that. Human as we are we usually cannot but have first impressions about people which in most cases become a lasting impression, forgetting that people also have theirs about us. Judging others involves every single comment we utter and every interesting attitude we have towards people especially when we believe we have all the evidence to prove that they are what we think they are.

If only we will take just a minute to ask ourselves questions and try to find the true answers to our questions maybe, we will not have to judge anyone after all.

If we could only give those we meet the opportunity to show us who they really are then maybe, we would not have to bother our minds with some untrue thoughts.

There are dreams we might have not realized because we judged too quickly the one who was sent to help. There are some lessons about life we might have learnt the hard way because we judged too quickly the one who was sent to teach it with patience. There are people who are out there crying and wishing for the end of their lives because we judged them too quickly…too quickly to realize we were their only ray of hope.

It is high time we stopped judging books by their covers. It is true though that the way you dress determines how you are addressed but let us show the Christ in us by going that extra mile of putting ourselves in others’ situation before we make any conclusions about them. Your attitude will draw people closer to God or further away from Him. COL 4:6 (…LET YOUR SPEECH ALWAYS BE GRACIOUS, SEASONED WITH SALT, SO THAT YOU MAY KNOW HOW YOU OUGHT TO ANSWER EVERY MAN.)
yaa oter

Written by: Yaa Serwah Antwi



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